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Stormtrooper and Princess Leia at PR ComicCon!

One of the best things about working here at  The Next Best Thing is getting to hear from our AWESOME customers!

Recently, a customer contacted us trying to get a stormtrooper helmet for her son for the upcoming Puerto Rico ComicCon, the premier entertainment event in Puerto Rico. It's a two day show with exhibitors and retailers of what geeks love best! A family event, and a huge Cosplay gathering with hundreds of true fans dressed as their favorite characters.

After helping a customer make a purchase, and shipping to an easier and faster location for them, we received the following email from this terrific customer :

Thanks for your quick shipping to my sister at NC, for trust in me and help to get the helmet to my son, yesterday we attend to the PR Comic Con and have a excellent experience wearing his costumes my son as Trooper and my daughter as Princess Leia. We really have a great day with others wearing Star Wars costumes. Thanks for make this happen..

Wow! We love getting these emails and we also got some terrific pictures to boot! 

Check out Manuel as a stormtrooper (12 yrs old) and Amanda as Princess Leia (9 yrs old)



What a treat this was for us!!

Thanks for sharing!

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